Jason Young back in court to fight for new trial in 2006 Raleigh murder case

Raleigh man convicted of murdering his pregnant wife is back in court today and fighting for a new trial.


In 2012, a jury found Jason Young guilty of murdering Michelle Young at their home in 2006.

Young is arguing his defense team was ineffective during the2012 trial where a jury found him guilty.

For most of the morning, both sides questioned Bryan Collins. Collins was a Wake County public defender and represented Young when he was convicted in 2012.

Young ended up appealing that conviction and the Court of Appeals vacated the verdict. However, the state Supreme Court overruled that decision and now both sides are back arguing over whether or not Young deserves to have his case heard again.

“The evidence showed a pattern of behavior on the part of the defendant. He couldn’t be faithful to her relationship when they were dating. He couldn’t be faithful to his wife once they were married,” said prosecutor Howard Cummings.

If a judge grants Young a new trial it would be the third time this case will be tried. The first ended in a hung jury.


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