NC community praying for pastor and wife badly injured in SC motorcycle crash

Chris and Rachel Williams/Truck that hit the couple (Submitted photo/Witness photo)

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) – Friends of Woodleaf Baptist pastor Chris Williams and his wife Rachel are encouraging people to pray for their recovery following a motorcycle accident.

According to friends, the two were hurt in a crash while traveling back from Myrtle Beach. Both are in the hospital with multiple injuries and are facing several rounds of surgery.

The accident happened on Monday night in Bennettsville, South Carolina, on Highway 9. A witness told WBTV that a pick-up truck pulled into the path of the motorcycle.


Friends and church members have been posting updates to social media to encourage people to pray for the family.

“Chris is an awesome guy, a true man of God, pretty much out there helping others 24/7,” said one man who simply wanted to be identified as a member of the church and a friend to Chris and Rachel Williams.

He credits God and that pastor for helping turn his life around.

“I’ve known him for about fifteen years, man, he’s an awesome guy.”

Williams is a former student at West Rowan High School and began preaching at Woodleaf Baptist while attending Fruitland Bible Institute.

He is also well-known for taking part in a ministry that reaches out to prisoners at the Rowan Correctional Facility.

“The community needs to stand behind them and keep them in their prayers,” said Tonya South.

South manages the Woodleaf Country Cupboard. It’s a popular stop in Woodleaf, and it’s where locals gather to talk about the news of the day.

She says word has started to spread quickly about the Williams and the accident.

“The more it’s getting out the more it’s going to be a big topic,” South added.

And many hope it will be a topic to pray about.

“Fortunately, prayer always helps, you know, I’m a living testimony to that,” the church member said. “I would definitely encourage people to keep praying for Chris and Rachel.”

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