Thieves hit 30+ unlocked vehicles in Holly Springs

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WNCN) – Some people who live in Holly Springs are on edge after police say thieves broke into at least 30 cars in five Holly Springs neighborhoods Wednesday night.

Police believe the thieves may have hit more than thirty cars. They say all of the cars that were broken into were unlocked. Two cars were also stolen in Holly Springs. They were both unlocked with the keys inside.

Scott Ferguson has lived in the Holly Point subdivision since 1999 and in all those years he’s never heard of a crime spree like this in his neighborhood.

“I think we were all caught off guard by it because it’s not something that I can remember happening in this neighborhood especially, in this town,” said Ferguson. “We feel pretty safe here.”

On Wednesday night police say at least 30 cars were broken into in Holly Springs.


“It’s a little disturbing,” said Matt Barker, Holly Point resident. “You move into a nice neighborhood and you want everything to be safe.”

Police say they believe the thieves stole a car in Raleigh, drove to Holly Springs and broke into thirty cars. They then stole two cars from Holly Springs and the car stolen in Raleigh was left behind.

“Our glove box was not broken into just someone got in there and pulled the stuff out,” said Mark Levesque, Forest Springs resident. “There’s nothing there to speak of, nothing of value.”

Levesque said, “The policeman was out here. He took our report then they finger printed our car, all the cars.”

He says his car was broken into and nothing was stolen, but he says his neighbor had a gun stolen out of his car.

“See we got a lot of kids here and we’re worried because we heard that one of the firearms was taken out of the holster,” Levesque said. “The holster was thrown on the ground, but the guns not around. So we’re wondering what’s going on with that.”

Police think the number of car break-ins might increase as more people notice things missing from inside their vehicles.

At this point no arrests have been made.

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