‘You need to back up now, or I’ll kill you right here;’ victim recalls Raleigh carjacking

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Police continue the manhunt for James Bloodworth, the man accused of stealing a woman’s car at gunpoint in downtown Raleigh on Friday and robbing four businesses.

When Lori, who asked that her last name not be used, left to head to her job in downtown Raleigh on Friday morning she thought she might hit some traffic, but she never imagined she’d have a gun pointed at her hip.

“In my tizzy, I guess I wasted some time, looked back at him, moved a little bit, and he said, ‘You need to back up now, or I’ll kill you right here. Don’t call 911. Don’t call the cops. You better walk now.’”


Lori says she walked away and the man stole her white 2014 Toyota Camry. Police believe Bloodworth, 58, is responsible.

Lori says that, at the time, it didn’t feel real.

“This is not really happening,” she said. “I was hoping somebody was gonna come and see me. I thought, why me?”

Durham police officers say they spotted a car that matched the description of the one taken from Lori around 6 p.m., chased the vehicle and then lost sight of it. Officers later found Lori’s Camry abandoned in a parking lot on Avondale Drive.

The carjacking isn’t the only crime police believe Bloodworth committed. They also think he robbed four Raleigh businesses: a Circle K, IBeauty, a CVS and Avent Ferry Cleaners. We spoke with a man who works at IBeauty and witnessed his coworker being held up at gunpoint.

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“He walks up to the register, and all of a sudden — boom, pulls out a gun and demands all the money,” said IBeauty employee Kwon Ma.

Lori says she no longer feels safe in Raleigh.

She has this message for Bloodworth: “How dare you? I don’t wish him any good. How dare you scare somebody like that? How dare you come after me like that? It’s not okay and whatever happens to him he deserves every bit of it.”

Raleigh Police are still looking for Bloodworth, who faces charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon. If you have any information, contact Raleigh police.

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