Heavy rains flood park and trail in Hillsborough

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Gold Park in Hillsborough was closed Tuesday because of overnight flooding.

Officials say the park will be closed Wednesday as well, as crews hope to start cleaning up.

All day Tuesday, cars were turning around at the closed park gate.


“I’ve seen it closed before, so it really doesn’t bother me,” said Joseph Pannachia. “But, I understand they have to close it because it’s flooded obviously, so people can’t come.”

Rain from an overnight storm left the water with nowhere to go, and Tuesday people were nowhere in sight.

“Like today, there’d be a ton of people out here,” said Sharon Doolittle.

“There are lots of kids. It’s a great little park,” said David Dillon. “There are people who come to play soccer, there are organized soccer games.”

Hillsborough town officials hope to have the park reopened by Saturday.

Before then, fallen trees need to be cleared and pressure washers must come out.

The cleanup process is scheduled to start at noon Wednesday, if it doesn’t rain again in the morning.

Parkgoers say this, is nothing new.

“It’s not that unusual when there are heavy rains,” said Dillon. “I didn’t think it rained that much last night, but it’s not unusual.”

More rain could delay a cleanup because of concerns about the safety of crews.

Neighbors say they are concerned is this happening again.

“That is actually flooded and how, why did it flood, and how can we prevent it from flooding in the future,” wondered Doolittle.

For now, the town wants park visitors to stay away.

A priority is getting roads reopened, then the park,  and finally the Riverwalk Trail which flooded as well.

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