NC budget would increase scholarships for veterans’ children

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s no secret that sometimes adjusting to life back home after war can be difficult for our nation’s troops.

But, in the state budget, lawmakers are looking to make things easier for war veterans and their kids.

They would invest about an additional $536,000 into scholarships for the children of some war veterans. The money would be added this fiscal year, bringing total contributions to the program to about $7.5 million. The same dollar amount would be added next year, as well.


“We want to make sure that they are honored appropriately, those veterans, and that we support their family members,” said Sen. Don Davis, (D – Pitt County).

“Those children may not have this opportunity at all were it not for this program,” said Larry Hall, state Secretary of Military and Veterans Affairs. “This program certainly makes it available so that more of them can attend and be the next generation of patriots.”

Hall said about 1,100 students are currently receiving this type of scholarship in North Carolina.

Andrew Ladner is the president of Operation Coming Home, a non-profit that helps build and donate homes to wounded combat veterans. He said he’s glad to hear about the scholarships.

“Any chance that these guys have where they can send their kids to school on any type of program, I think, is wonderful,” Ladner said.

There also is a separate bill that has passed the Senate and is now in the House that would open the scholarships up to the stepchildren of veterans, as well.

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