Wake County asks for input on bus routes

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Wake County is asking people what they think about changes that are coming to bus routes.

They held a public hearing about the Wake Transit plan Wednesday at Raleigh’s City Hall.

People who ride the bus are happy to hear they’ll have more options.

“It can pretty much take me anywhere I need to go, so it’s kind of a no-brainer in that sense,” said bus rider Peter Elbaum.

Elbaum is new to the area and is exploring the bus routes more and more.


“I’m on the way to go to a Durham Bulls game so I’m going to take the 100 over here to make a connection and go to Durham,” he said Wednesday afternoon.

Other riders like Kelvin Hinton already have their routes down.

“I catch the Capital and go to the mall sometimes. Then I catch one and go to Wake Tech,” said Hinton.

While folks say overall they’ve had good experiences, there have been hiccups.

“I stood out in the rain for an hour because a bus didn’t show up on one of the routes,” said bus rider Julian Frazier.

Everyone agrees Wake County’s plan of providing more frequent stops on certain routes, and expanding service between colleges, hospitals and downtowns is needed.

“Environmentally that’s a good call, also in terms of socioeconomic status I think the better access there is, just the better for the community, the better for the city,” said Elbaum
Frazier was headed to the county’s public hearing on their transit plan.

He likes the plan because it would also increase all levels of service on Sundays.

“Just having the bus run on Sunday where we can go within say a quarter mile and catch the bus would just be a plus,” said Frazier.

The county will have more public hearings to decide which routes will get the most attention. Changes will start to take effect as early as next month.

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