Wilson neighbors fume over pothole problem

(Robert Richardson/CBS North Carolina)

WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) — Homeowners along Glendale Drive in Wilson want their walls to stop shaking but believe that’s unlikely as long as truck tires rattle through ruts on the road.

Thelma Richardson moved in to a house in February. She said if the potholes persist, she will leave when her lease ends.

“I can feel the cars hitting them spots in the highway, waking you up in the middle of the night. You’re wondering what’s coming in your house,” Richardson said. “It’s frustrating to live in a house when you asleep and something hitting the highway and waking you up in the middle of the night, early in the morning. It’s early in the morning. It’s terrible.”

Her neighbor, Gloria Wallace, said framed photographs fell over her walls on multiple occasions when 18-wheelers hit the holes in the road. Other pictures are constantly crooked.

Wallace said she is concerned about the future of her house’s foundation.

“It’s a constant shaking all day, because the traffic is all day, so it’s 24/7.” Wallace said. “It’s going to a create a problem (for cars) sooner or later, because if their tires keep going through there, their axles could break on their car, or the wheels.”

A city street crew dumped dozens of shovels’ worth of gravel Wednesday into two holes in front of Wallace’s house. One employee’s arm disappeared from view as he reached into the ground.

Wallace said the work did not address any of the deep dips in the pavement, and called the pouring of rocks into the deep holes a Band-Aid effort. Another crew arrived about an hour after the first left, to put a cone on top of one of the holes as it settled.

“It’s really going to go right back down in the same hole. It needs to be fixed,” Richardson said.

A spokesperson for the city said the road is in the city’s plan for resurfacing and a permanent fix.

Public Information Officer Rebecca Agner said the large project to repave Glendale Drive is scheduled to take place in 2019, and will include repairs to other parts of Wilson’s infrastructure, including water and sewer lines as well as storm drains. She said the underground utilities must be evaluated for possible replacement before the street department can begin resurfacing the roads.

Agner said the city is currently working on a similar project in another area of Wilson.

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