NC drivers are slightly above average in regards to manners


People complain about drivers in Wilmington on a regular basis, but would you believe North Carolina actually has some of the more courteous drivers in the country?

A recent survey of, an advocacy group for driving safety, North Carolina ranks 28th out of all states for driver courtesy. New York, as can be expected, ranks last.

Drivers in each state were asked a series of questions, including “How aggressively do you respond to slow driving?” or “Do you use your turning signals?”

Idaho ranks number one overall.

By region, the West leads the statistics in courteous drivers, the South and Northeast were pretty much tied.

The survey was part of the group’s #DriveHuman campaign, “with the goal of reminding drivers that they share the road with other people and not faceless cars.” It was done as part of a summer driving awareness campaign to promote courteous driving.

It asks the question, “How would it look if you behaved the way you drove?”


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