Steve Sbraccia’s follow up Friday – June 23

Credit card skimmer

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – CBS North Carolina’s Steve Sbraccia has new information on several stories we’ve previously told you about.


Gas pump Credit Card skimmers remain a big concern among our viewers.

We’ve done several stories on them including one where we told you about how the North Carolina Agriculture Department was working on creating a training program for gas station personnel how to detect skimmers.

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The head of the department’s standards division says it makes a lot of sense to train the personnel.

”They have a lot more eyes out there than I do,” says Stephen Benjamin.

Benjamin now says the training program criteria have been finalized and next week his Agriculture Department inspectors will be made available to the industry to start training employees on gas pump credit card skimmer detection.


CBS North Carolina’s story on the state’s broadband mapping efforts continues to generate scores of emails- many from residents of rural areas in the state who complain about poor or non-existent internet service.

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We forwarded those emails to the Jeff Sural, who is the Director of NC Broadband Infrastructure Office.

“This is exactly the kind of information we need to improve broadband access for the citizens of our state. We are aware that many North Carolinians, particularly in rural areas, have no or slow internet access,” Sural said.

This tool is intended to help give them a voice so that they can demonstrate their need to local leaders and internet providers.

The tool he talks about is the link to the state’s interactive broadband map which you can find here.

It allows you to do a speed test on your internet as well as to report exactly what kind of internet service you have.


Earlier in June, we told you about Cash Loans Funding, a firm that was not licensed to make loans in North Carolina and whose Raleigh address turned out to be this vacant building.

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It’s a firm received the grade of “F” from the Better Business Bureau.

“Cash Loans Funding was brought tour attention by more than 60 customers inquiring about them in past three months,” explained BBB CEO Mallory Wojciechowski.

Now, the firm also come to the attention of the Attorney General’s Office who says they’ve received a complaint about Cash Loans Funding.

And the AG’s office tells us it’ll be putting together a consumer alert about the company.

Email CBS North Carolina’s Steve Sbraccia if you have a consumer issue.

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