Person of interest in Smithfield infant remains case waives extradition

Bridgette Smith

SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) – A woman wanted in connection with baby body parts being found under her Johnston County home has been arrested by police in Florida.

Smithfield police have charged Bridgette Smith with failure to report a death.

She was arrested Wednesday night at a motel in Jacksonville, Florida.

Smithfield Police confirmed Friday afternoon Smith waived extradition.

Last year, the remains of two babies were found under the home where Smith was staying.

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But, an official with Smithfield Police tells CBS North Carolina they were working with various law enforcement agencies in Florida for the past six months to track Smith down.


Police documents say in April 2016, Smith’s brother was working under their home when he found two bags, each with the remains of a baby inside it.

Police initially called Smith a person of interest, but family didn’t know where she was.

At that time, Smith’s sister-in-law told CBS North Carolina that Smith had been pregnant multiple times over the years, and they didn’t know what happened to the children in some of those pregnancies.

CBS North Carolina spoke to Smith’s family again Friday, but they didn’t want to immediately comment on Smith’s arrest.

Neighbors say the whole situation is heartbreaking.

“Naturally it’s a sad thing when any child dies, no matter what the circumstances,” said Michael Watts, who lives in the area.

Another neighbor who knows Smith, but did not want to be named, says Smith has two children that her mother and sister-in-law are raising.

She says the family has had a difficult time handling the situation.

Other people in the neighborhood just want to know what exactly happened to the two babies that were found.

“We may never get to the answer of that,” said Watts.

Smith is charged with failure to report a death, but Smithfield Police say more charges may come.

Smith has a court date scheduled in Jacksonville for July 21.

Smithfield Police say they’re not sure when smith will be brought back to North Carolina since she waived extradition.

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