Couple reunited with wedding pics after NC woman’s thrift store discovery

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) — A couple from Roanoke, Virginia say photos that were found on a flash drive purchased at a Charlotte thrift shop last week belong to them.


Kathy Feaster says she was shopping at the Community Thrift Store on Freedom Drive last Friday, looking for a flash drive to save some files from her computer. When she got home, she found the drive already had files saved. Nearly 100 wedding photos.

So she posted a couple of the photos on her Facebook page to see if anyone knew the couple. But no one had an answer.

WBTV shared some of the photos and Feaster’s story on social media Friday night.

And the power of social media came through.

Sunday, Nikki Venable – a woman from Roanoke, Virginia – contacted WBTV to say she was the bride in the photos.

Nikki says she and her husband Jerry Venable Jr got married in July 2014 in Weyers Cave, Virginia. The photographer gave them a couple dozen photos from their big day, but when they tried to contact her for the rest – they couldn’t find her.

Then, over the weekend the granddaughter of their pastor contacted them to say their photos had been posted on the WBTV Facebook page after Feaster found the flash drive. Someone tagged the granddaughter in the post and she contacted the couple.

But how the photos ended up nearly 280 miles away from where the couple got married is still a mystery.

Nikki says she and Jerry have a couple of connections in Charlotte, but not many.

But she did want to make sure she told Feaster ‘thank you’ for all the effort she went through to make sure the photos were returned to their rightful owners.

“Thank you very much. What can we do for her for taking the time to find us?” Nikki asked. “We are so grateful.”

Feaster said she knew in her heart that she was doing the right thing.

“I know that these photos are special to them and I believe in doing the right thing,” she said Friday. “Most people would have erased them and moved on. I could not have done that. It would have worried me for the rest of my life.”

WBTV has put Nikki in contact with Feaster so they can coordinate getting their photos back.

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