Demonstrators rally at NC capitol against gerrymandering

Durham/Orange County Rep. Grain Meyer (D) encourages young demonstrators and organizers who want lawmakers to address redistricting in NC. (Beairshelle Edmé/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Young voters took to the North Carolina capitol to tell lawmakers it’s time an independent group draw up the state’s legislative districts.

Student interns with Democracy North Carolina held a rally, pointing out that the recent Supreme Court ruling confirms that North Carolina lawmakers were denying the rights of black voters by redistricting.

The demonstrators called out this practice and demanded immediate change.


One Durham resident and North Carolina Central University student told CBS North Carolina’s Beairshelle Edmé keeping the same system denies democracy.

“I was in one of those districts and I know how critical voting and being in power is to that community so being in that community it kind of by home to see that ongoing way of voter suppression is still active,” Ajamu Dillahunt explained.

The 20-year-old believes this is a larger issue that affects every corner of North Carolina and must be addressed.

“It’s truly undemocratic it takes away from the true understanding of democracy and it prevents those efforts from communities who want to be engaged and communities who are most disenfranchised suffer the most under gerrymandering, in addition to voter suppression laws,” he said.

Following the rally, students went inside the General Assembly to meet with lawmakers.

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