Sexual assault case against suspended UNC football player being dismissed, DA says

Allen Artis (Sutton & Lindsay)

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The sexual assault case involved a suspended UNC football player is being dismissed because the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, the Orange County District Attorney said Thursday.

Allen Artis was indefinitely suspended from the team after Delaney Robinson went public with sexual assault accusations in September.

Delaney said she had become intoxicated after being out with friends on Feb. 14, 2016, and was unable to consent to sexual activity. She said the assault occurred in an apartment at the Ram Village complex on the university’s campus.


Artis surrendered to authorities in September on a misdemeanor charge.

Artis had been due to head to trial July 18.

The University of North Carolina’s Title IX Compliance Coordinator notified Artis that he “did not violate any UNC Policy as claimed by Delaney Robinson on February 14, 2016,” attorney Kerry Sutton said.

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Artis has maintained his innocence throughout the entire process.

Delaney Robinson on Feb. 15.

At a press conference Thursday, Artis’ attorneys revealed a photo of Robinson taken by police February 15.

“What you’re not looking at there is manhandled bruises on a women’s neck,” Sutton said.

Artis’s attorneys said the photo shows a different story than what previous photos of Robinson may have conveyed.

Denise Branch, Robinson’s lawyer, released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

“The parties worked diligently at mediation to resolve this matter to their mutual satisfaction resulting in a dismissal of the charges. The resolution is confidential. Delaney has suffered immeasurably and hoped that today’s resolution could begin her healing.”

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