NC health official: No codes violated by woman seen cutting toenails at restaurant

Woman cuts toenails at Winston-Salem restaurant (Courtesy: Ashley Beauchamp)

FORSYTH COUNTY, NC (WFMY) — Health officials in Forsyth County are investigating a complaint against a Triad restaurant after video surfaced online, showing a woman clipping her toenails in the dining room.

Ashley Beauchamp took the video at a Chinese restaurant in Winston-Salem when she was out to eat with her family on Wednesday night.


Out of respect for the business, WFMY News 2 has elected not to name the restaurant because the person at fault did not work for the restaurant.

Beauchamp posted the video on Facebook, outraging many people in the social media community.

However, Sheryl Emory with the Forsyth County Health Department says the toenail clipping is not against health code because it didn’t contaminate any food products or put the customers at risk.

“While it’s not aesthetically pleasing to see one clipping their toenails, it’s not necessarily a violation,” said Emory. “We are more concerned about what goes on behind the counter, inside the kitchen, is the employee washing their hands before they begin food preparation and food services.”

According to the restaurant owner, the woman in the video is a family member who was visiting from China and is not an official employee.

Emory says health code rules do not apply to customers or visitors, only employees.

“If they were clipping their nails inside the kitchen, that could be a problem because it could contaminate the food product,” said Emory. “We are more concerned with the risk factors like hand hygiene, cooking temperatures, hot and cold temperatures, things that will minimize the potential for poisoning.”

Health officials say they plan to visit the restaurant to talk about the video, but there won’t be any formal disciplinary action handed down.

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