Cole Thomas’ email use after his disappearance was coincidence, officials now say

BENSON, N.C. (WNCN) — Investigators now say email activity from the account of Cole Thomas after he went missing in Benson was nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence.


Thomas hasn’t been since November and warrants showed police believed he might have been in town for a drug deal.

Authorities recently said that a week after his disappearance, an account associated with him was used to take the GRE test in New Jersey.

Investigators now believe that an employee in training used that email by chance and that this had nothing to do with Thomas’ disappearance.

In late November, two men told police that Thomas was driving the car they were riding in when he parked in a Benson intersection and ran from the car, taking the keys with him. Thomas was on an interstate road trip to visit a friend for Thanksgiving, they told authorities.

Law enforcement officers and volunteers conducted dozens of searches in the Benson area in the months following his disappearance but never found Thomas.

A location history provided by Google showed Thomas’ phone was in Benson at the time he disappeared, according to a statement a State Bureau of Investigation special agent made as he requested a search warrant.

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