Health issues forcing Chatham County couple to sell in-demand truffle farm

Colleen and Mark Hudimac on their farm in Bear Creek (Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina)

BEAR CREEK, N.C. (WNCN) — Lots of people have heard of truffles, but not everyone may know there’s more than one kind and they’re not all chocolate.

Truffles are actually a gourmet mushroom and despite the high demand for the delicacy the world over, the truffle is having a tough time finding a foothold in the U.S.

One Chatham County family is working to change that, despite having to put their truffle farm up for sale.

“People love the truffles,” said Colleen Hudimac. “They have a very unique taste. They’re very potent. You can do a lot with them. You can shave them over pasta. You can make truffle oils, truffle butters.”


In 2007 the Hudimac’s decided to invest in a truffle farm on their land in Chatham County. It takes about 10 years before a first harvest, but time just isn’t on Mark Hudimac’s side. His health problems are forcing him to sell the 12-acre truffle farm.

“I hate to leave it because you spend your life working on something, but no choice but to go,” said Mark.

Mark said that truffles are often called black gold because they sell for around $1,000 a pound and he says the production of these truffles will never meet the demand and that’s something he realized early on.

“My wife had just reached out to about 20 different restaurants, gourmet brokers and we were expecting maybe one or two shops to get back to us,” said Mark. “All 20 got back within two hours and said send us everything you have. So, there’s definitely a demand there.”

The farm will officially be for sale on July 13.

“One acre of truffle field can produce 20 to 25 pounds of truffles and that’s harvested once a year, every winter,” said Colleen.

That’s a long wait for a potentially big payoff for the prospective buyer.

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