Possibly rabid fox attacks 2 in Raleigh, police say

A file photo of a fox.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Raleigh authorities are warning residents about an “aggressive” fox after two people were attacked on Wednesday.

The first incident happened when a fox bit the foot of a person who lives in the 1400 block of Beacon Valley Drive, police said.


Just an hour later, a fox bit a worker’s boot at Taylor’s Nursery, which is on New Bern Avenue at Trawick Drive, Raleigh police said.

The proximity and timing of the bites has animal control thinking it is one fox. And because it was out during the day and acting aggressively, they believe it’s rabid.

Ian Rice often visits his sister, who lives on Beacon Valley Drive. He’s seen a couple of foxes in the neighborhood, he said.

“I just seen it shoot straight down the road and I think we have a watering hole or a creek down there because I hear a lot of frogs. And I saw it shoot straight down the road,” said Rice.

“I didn’t know that they would come up and bite somebody like that, because now it makes me be more conscious and more defensive because I sit out on my porch and this is a nice quiet neighborhood, you know nothing really goes on but the nature,” said Rice.

A manager at Taylor’s told CBS North Carolina the fox’s bite barely broke through the worker’s boot, and he got checked out just to be safe.

Animal control agencies have set traps to try to capture the fox.

If you see an animal you think is acting strange, do not approach it, and call animal control. Animal control also says if your pet does not have a rabies vaccine, do not let it outside until it gets one. Do not leave food outside, even if it’s for your pet, because it attracts other animals. And finally, if you are bitten by any animal you are not familiar with, see a doctor.

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