Vanished RDU airport worker left because she ‘was stressed out,’ documents say

Photo used with permission from Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WNCN) — Allison Cope, the Raleigh-Durham International Airport worker who vanished mid-shift, told a police officer in Virginia on Saturday that she ran away because she “was stressed out and needed to get away” from problems, according to Virginia Beach police documents.


After being found in a parking garage, she had at first told a Virginia Beach officer that she was waiting for her family to pick her up and that she had no money, according to the documents.

Cope disappeared last Monday. She took a break from her job at a Starbucks at RDU and never returned. Several law enforcement agencies were involved in the search for her, which involved a helicopter and boat searching near Falls Lake, among other measures.

It later emerged that she had spent her last $23 at a gas station near Wake Forest.


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