DWI driver plows into Wake Forest Walmart garden center, police say

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — A 58-year-old Wake Forest woman has been charged with DWI and careless and reckless driving after her car crashed into the garden center of the Walmart Supercenter on South Main Street in Wake Forest, a town official said.


“I was walking up to go in the store when she crashed in the garden center,” witness Holly Ziegler said. “Thankfully she didn’t hit anyone, but she came like a hair away from hitting this elderly woman walking with a cane.”

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The car was moving quickly when it hit the garden center, she said.

The incident happened at about 4:30 p.m., according to Wake Forest spokesman Bill Crabtree. The only injuries in the incident were to Rebecca Downing Wilson, the driver, and they were minor, Crabtree said.

Store officials estimated the damage to the store at $50,000.

Investigators are looking into reports that the same car had been involved in a hit-and-run with another vehicle near the Rent-A-Center on Capital Boulevard shortly before the incident at Walmart.


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