2 credit card skimming devices found inside pumps at Apex gas station

A skimming device found inside a diesel pump at an Apex gas station (Chatham County Sheriff's Office)

APEX, N.C. (WNCN) — The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after two credit card “skimming” devices were found in diesel pumps at an Apex gas station, the sheriff’s office announced.

The skimmers were found at the Wilsonville General Store located at 10580 U.S. Route 64 East in Apex on June 26, authorities said.

Skimming is a method used by criminals to gather data from the magnetic strip on the back of a person’s debit or credit card. The sheriff’s office said that skimming devices are often installed near an ATM’s factory-installed card reader and usually include a camera to record a customer’s PIN, as well as a card reader.

Fuel pumps are also a very common location for skimming devices because they’re nearly impossible to find from outside. The devices are placed inside the pump where they can’t be seen without opening the pump door.


The sheriff’s office was able to determine that the skimmers found at the gas station were installed within the last month due to the fact that they were discovered during a routine monthly inspection.

There have been multiple skimming incidents at gas stations throughout the Triangle over the last few months.

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