Guns stolen during rash of car break-ins in Wake Forest

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) – Lisa Ashe has a warning for her neighbors after thieves took her purse from her car during a series of break-ins this weekend.

“Be mindful and don’t let being outside of your regular routine throw you off from the things you would do day to day,” said Ashe.

Police say there were about 20 break-ins Sunday night into Monday morning. They largely occurred in the southern part of the town near Burlington Mills Road.


Town spokesman Bill Crabtree said the neighborhoods that were affected include: Shearon Farms, Caddell Woods, Moss Creek, Carriage Run, Traditions, Caveness and St. Andrew’s Plantation.

“So really it’s a numbers game. They’re playing the odds. They know for every ten cars they go to, they’re going to find at least a couple that are unlocked,” said Crabtree. “They’re making off with laptop computers, spare change. Unfortunately in some cases, even guns.”

Crabtree said there have been 85 reported car break-ins since Jan. 1. Among them, more than 95 percent have involved cars left unlocked.

“We talk to people all the time who say, ‘I’m going to leave my car unlocked because I don’t want someone damaging my vehicle, breaking my windshield in order to get in.’ That’s not happening,” he said.

Police have not announced any arrests in the most recent series of break-ins.

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