Enloe HS grad killed in Georgia being called a hero for his actions

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – An Enloe High School graduate who was killed in Georgia has been called a hero.


Witnesses said Scott Waldrup was pushing people out of the way as an SUV involved in a shooting headed for them.

Waldrup, 30, lived in Savannah, Georgia, with his partner, Tart.

“He was magical,” Andrew Fyfe, a friend from Enloe, said.

Fyfe called Waldrup a good friend. He said Waldrup was always comfortable in his own skin and always tried to help others.

Fyfe said Waldrup moved down to Savannah a few years ago with his partner, Tart.

“I’d seen that someone was pushing people out of the way and my first thought before I saw [any] connection to him was that, before I even knew whether he’d been shot was or was the pedestrian,” Fyfe said. “My first thought was like, it would not surprise me if that was Scott that was trying to get people out of the way.”


He was right. There was a shooting and a chase. Witnesses said the SUV involved headed for a crowd. Waldrup, they said, pushed people out of the way. He’s now being called a hero.

“He was just super selfless. He lived to make other people have a better time,” Fyfe said.

In addition to serving as captain of his diving team at Enloe, Waldrup was involved in theater.

Fyfe said friends planned to gather Saturday to share stories and mourn together.

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