Low-income seniors to be forced out of Raleigh apartment complex by end of voucher program

RALEIGH (WNCN) – About five dozen Raleigh seniors have been put on notice. The Wintershaven apartment complex has been sold and the new owner will no longer accept their federal subsidies. That means they have to find a new place to live.

“We got a lot of old people up in here. I know, I mean it’s really pitiful,” Raymond Bullock, a current tenant said.

Bullock has a small one bedroom apartment at Wintershaven, where he’s lived for four years.

“We don’t have no money to get the housing that we want to get,” Bullock said.

Trademark Residential – the company that manages the property – held a meeting with tenants last week. They informed those tenants that an investment group in Austin, Texas bought the building and plans to renovate it.

Ed Batchelor, the president of Trademark Residential, said that company had already informed HUD that they didn’t plan to renew their contract. The former owner had been accepting federal subsidies to help low income seniors. Current tenants will have to be out by the end of August 2018.

“We all check on each other. We all see about each other,” Viginia Miles, a current tenant, said.

“We live just like one family and I just hate to lose them,” Wayman Turner, another current tenant, said.

Several tenants CBS North Carolina spoke with said they’d started making calls but couldn’t find anywhere to go.

The Raleigh Housing Authority, or RHA, doesn’t deal with Wintershaven but said it was part of a much larger problem.

According to RHA, they distribute nearly 4,000 vouchers, which allow low income people to live where they want as long as a landlord agrees to accept it. All of them are taken. There are 8,000 people on the waiting list for one.

It’s a similar story with subsidized public housing units. RHA has more than 1,400 of them. They’re all full. The waiting list also has 8,000 people on it.

“Where are we going?” Bullock said.

Batchelor said they’ve been working with nonprofits in the area and are committed to helping those at Wintershaven find a new place to live.


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