NC bear opens SUV door, climbs inside and destroys it

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A woman in the North Carolina mountains hopes her unfortunate situation might help her neighbors.


The North Asheville woman shared her story of a bear destroying her car – from the inside.

Recently, a bear opened the unlocked door to Ashleigh Watkins’ Acura SUV and got inside, WLOS-TV reported Saturday.

“… a bear got into my car and totaled it,” she told WLOS, sending along several photos of the interior.

Watkins told the TV station that she only had gum and a protein bar inside, but it was enough to lure the bear inside.

“It actually opened the door and got stuck in there,” Watkins added.

She was forced to call law enforcement and a game warden, who opened the door for the bear, WLOS reported.

Watkins hopes that her story will remind others to lock their vehicles — even if there doesn’t seem to be anything of value (even to a bear) inside.


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