Bookkeeper swindles church out of $1 million, prosecutors say

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS (KRON) – A Texas woman is in custody after allegedly stealing over one million dollars from a church she worked for.

The priest of Basilian Father’s Mission hired 38-year-old Rosina K. Blanco as a bookkeeper in summer 2015.

Last year, the church noticed their numbers weren’t adding up.


“We saw evidence of all kinds of personal expenses,” said attorney Steve Williard.

“In fact, I recall one where, I think, she bought four German Shepherds,” he said.

Prosecutors are accusing Blanco of transferring church funds into her own personal accounts.

After appearing in court this week, she is charged with eight counts of wire fraud.

“She was actually forging the Father’s signature on transfers and so that’s how she was able to accommodate this,” Williard said.

Prosecutors say she used charitable donations to the church to buy property, jewelry, and Louis Vuitton handbags.

The priest is now in a difficult position.

“He was torn between forgiveness on the one hand, on the other hand, this was wrong and stealing from people that really needed the money,” Williard said.

CNN contributed to this article.

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