36 year-round Wake County schools start back up today

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Over 40,000 Wake County students will be heading back to school this month and the first round of year-round schools started back up today.

There are 48 year-round schools in Wake County that will start back up this month and 36 of those schools got going today.


There are two big changes this year in Wake County schools.

The first is that meal prices have gone up 10 cents for breakfast and lunch. Also, all elementary school students will now be identification tagged. Previously only pre-K, kindergarten and first graders were tagged.

Some parents that CBS North Carolina spoke with had mixed emotions about the short summer vacation with year-round schools.

“It was a short vacation. It’s been hard. He’s used to not having to get up as early in the morning,” said parent Jason Coats.

Another parent said his kids love the year-round schedule.

“They love it because they know in nine weeks they’ll be back off again, so we like it as a family because it’s very convenient,” said Josh Wolfe.

It’s important for parents and students to note that many bus routes at these year-round schools have changed, so district leaders have asked parents to be patient as buses sometimes run off-schedule during the first few weeks of school as students and bus drivers settle into their routine.

Students were also asked to arrive at the bus stop about 15 minutes early and drivers are reminded to be alert as school buses will be back on the roads.

You can find those updated bus routes, as well as the year-round school calendar on the Wake County Schools website.

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