Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ can be Christmas in July for some

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Christmas shopping in July?

Some shoppers are thinking that way because retailers are offering big sales this week.

Sales spurred by Amazon.

Tuesday will be Amazon Prime Day but Amazon isn’t the only retailer getting in on the mid-July super sales.

Other merchants are trying to compete by offering deals to get you to spend some of your money with them too.

Amazon invented this cyber sales day – a sale which will last 30 hours with one-day deals and lightning deals.

But here’s the catch – you must be an Amazon Prime member to participate.

A Prime membership costs $99 a year but there is a cheaper way around it if you want to check out Prime Day.

“You can always get a free trial so you can get access to videos and other features,” said CNET’s Dan Ackerman.

He said Amazon is betting you are likely to keep Prime after the trial period ends.


That free trial lasts 30 days, but some shoppers say is not worth it to them.

“I’ve already tried it and I wouldn’t use it,” said Frank Jefferies.

He said it amounts to what he believes is “$100 for shipping.”

Just poking around Amazon’s website on Monday, CBS North Carolina found deep discounts with 67, 88 and even 96 percent off on some items.

But, is it stuff you want?

A lot of shoppers are looking for big ticket items.

“They’ve also promised some good TV Deals and that’s sort of the one big expensive item everyone always waits for a sale on because nobody wants to pay regular retail for a TV,” said Ackerman.

This year, Amazon is adding voice ordering through its Alexa device.

“You literally call out what you want to buy and its ordered and shipped to your home,” explains Ackerman.

Last year’s Prime Day was a huge success for Amazon.

Their web traffic was up 36 percent and they sold 90,000 TVs alone.

As you might expect, other merchants aren’t going to let Amazon keep all the sales profits to themselves.

“Other stores can’t call it Prime Day, but they say they’re having a July 11 sale and some say ‘no membership required,’” said Ackerman.

Among the merchants offering those deals, eBay, Best Buy, Lowe’s.

It’s all meant to compete with Amazon.

Naturally, you can’t sit by your computer all day and wait for deals to show up.

To help find the deals, you can use Amazon’s shopping app.

There’s also an app called “Slick Deals,” which charts not only Amazon but other sites too.

You can even use Facebook because Last year Amazon posted special Prime Day deals on its official Facebook page.

Email CBS North Carolina’s Steve Sbraccia if you have a consumer issue.

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