Raleigh police warn of break-in string near N.C. State

police sketch (Raleigh Police Department)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Raleigh police are warning people about a man who has been trying to break into homes near N.C. State University.

Some are asking why they are just now being warned, when those incidents happened three weeks ago and police had a sketch of the suspect by the end of June.

We spoke with some of the people who live in the apartments in the 1400 block of Collegeview Avenue near N.C. State’s campus and they said crime is something they say they’ve gotten used to in recent weeks.


One woman told us her bike was stolen off her balcony. Danica Baylon said electronics were stolen from her car.

“It bothers us a lot,” said Baylon. “We wish it would stop.”

Baylon said her car was broken into about the same time that the other crimes in the neighborhood were reported, around the middle of June.

Two break-ins were reported at Collegeview, where the suspect fled after being confronted. A similar crime also was reported at the Gorman Street Village.

We spoke with one of the victims, who does not want to be named but says the suspect fled when she screamed.

“He didn’t take anything,” she said. “He just grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall.”

Raleigh police released a sketch to the public of the suspect Sunday night, three weeks after the incidents.

A Raleigh police spokesperson said the sketch was distributed in the area as officers worked the case. Raleigh police also said detectives released the sketch after they had exhausted other avenues to try to catch the suspect.

Baylon said she would like to have seen the notice come sooner and plans to move.

“My roommates and I all feel pretty unsafe in this area,” said Baylon.

We also reached out to property management companies overseeing some of the apartments and have not heard back yet.

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