Triangle sees surging rents

(CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Triangle has claimed yet another spot on a top list of notable places. This time we’re being called out for the cost of rent. Out of the 50 most expensive zip codes to rent an apartment in North Carolina, the Triangle has more than half of the listings, according to the website Rent Café.

Nearly everywhere you look around the Triangle there are new apartment buildings popping up. Park Central, one of the newest luxury apartment buildings in Raleigh’s North Hills, is renting one bedrooms starting at nearly $1,500 a month. The two-year-old SkyHouse in downtown Raleigh rents a similar size starting at around $1,800.

“People like me who make a decent salary, a standard salary, I can’t really afford a thousand dollar rent,” said Randall Boddie, who lives in west Raleigh, zip code number 36 on the top 50 list.


When he and his wife found an affordable apartment four years ago, they took it no questions asked.

“A 1,000 square foot apartment for $755, you definitely can’t beat that, so we hopped on it. We didn’t even look at the apartment,” said Boddie.

Brenda Vienrich had a tough time finding affordable rents too. She works in downtown Raleigh and rented there for a couple years, until it got too expensive.

“A lot of the rental prices there in the rental houses have gone up. It’s really hard to find anything under I would say $900 now even for a one bedroom,” said Vienrich.

The North Carolina Housing Coalition says around 45 percent of renters in Wake, Durham and Orange Counties are cost-burdened. That means their rent, which is supposed to be around 30 percent of your income, is too high. The average apartment rent in Wake County is around $900. The NC Housing Coalition says the average salary can afford $750.

“I don’t think it’s their intention to exclude people, but I think that is what’s happening. I think it’s not really realistic the prices they’re charging in terms of rent,” said Vienrich.

CBS North Carolina also reached out to the Raleigh Housing Authority and the Wake County Affordable Housing Steering Committee for comment Monday. We’ll be getting answers from them Tuesday on what is being done to bring more affordable housing to the area.

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