VIDEO: Fire-whirls and eerie fog-like flames seen in sulfur fire

WORLAND, Wyoming (CNN/WNCN) —  Wyoming firefighters extinguished a dangerous sulfur fire over the weekend and shared video of the amazing scene.

Fire crews used the beautiful flames to teach an important lesson in fire safety.

The video shows fire whirls (fire tornadoes) pop up and eerie fog-like flames covering the scene of the surface.


Firefighters in Worland responded Friday to a report of an unknown type of fire.

What they found was a sulfur mound that had been ignited at a recycling center.

They quickly put out the fire by adding a minimal amount of water to cool the surface.

“Despite the beautiful flames burning sulfur creates a hazardous gas called sulfur dioxide,” fire officials said.

“A minimal amount of water was used to cool the surface of the sulfur and reduce the temperature below the molten stage,” according to fire officials.

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