WOW: Waterspout swarm at NC coast captured in videos, photos

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (WAVY) — Photos and videos documented multiple reported waterspouts seen in Dare County at the North Carolina Coast on Monday morning.


Several viewer photos and videos captured the Monday morning waterspouts. One video taken from the Colington Harbour area appeared to show more than one waterspout.

Simon Chercka said in a phone interview Monday he was in Kitty Hawk during the weather event.

“We just seen it coming, and got the alerts sent out on our phones, and were advised to take shelter immediately,” Chercka said. “Everybody down here is pretty excited and a little frightened about it as well.”

Chercka said he felt like he was at a safe distance in Kitty Hawk to watch the waterspouts.

He added that he did not feel any strong winds from his vantage point. “It’s been almost eerily still here.”

Dare County Emergency Management told WAVY there were reports of shingle damage to some homes.

The reported waterspouts in Dare County came hours after a WAVY viewer captured video of a twister in Currituck County.

WAVY viewer Samantha Page said it was behind Ralph’s Store in Maple.‎

It is unclear if the twister was a tornado or a waterspout.


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