Jury hears about arrest, shootout in Granville County double-murder trial

OXFORD, N.C. (WNCN) — Day two of Eric Campbell’s double murder trial started with testimony from West Virginia state police.

Campbell is accused of murdering Jerome and Dora Faulkner at their home in 2015.

Police say Campbell and his father, Edward, drove from Texas to Granville County, where they robbed and killed the couple.

Tuesday, the jurors also saw pictures investigators took along Highway 64 in West Virginia, where Campbell was arrested.

Pictures showing rounds of bullets, brass knuckles, and receipts from purchases made just days before the crimes, were taken at the spot a truck crashed about a mile from a shootout with police.


At one point, the jury was asked to leave the courtroom.

The state and defense argued whether the transcript of an interview between Edward Campbell and West Virginia state police could be used as evidence.

“Your honor, my argument to you is there is no non-hearsay, independent evidence to corroborate the things that Edward Campbell is saying,” said Allison Capps, the assistant district attorney.

“The state is saying that you have to prove that you didn’t do it, and that’s not the standard and Mr. Campbell’s statements admitting that he was involved starts out saying he wants an attorney,” said Amos Tyndall, a defense attorney. “He admits that he did the acts.”

“I believe that this entire transcript is a manipulation,” said Capps. “Edward Campbell knew that he was not going to be available.”

The transcript was thrown out.

When the jury returned, there were testimonies from Campbell’s former supervisor, and workers with the New Waverly school district in Texas, Campbell’s home state.

Surveillance video shows a white SUV being stolen from the district’s bus garage on December 24, 2014.

Investigators believe that’s the same SUV that was stopped in West Virginia shortly before that shootout between the Campbells and police.

Campbell’s stepmom also testified Tuesday.

She says when Campbell and his brother got in trouble, Edward Campbell would raise his voice but was not physically abusive.

She described the relationship between her, Eric Campbell and his father as friendly.

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