Raleigh neighborhood takes stand following break-ins, thefts

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – People living in the Broadlands neighborhood in Raleigh say for the past few months their homes and cars keep getting broken into.

Now they’re taking a stand.

Hazen Weber’s security camera captured this video.

He says it shows his car being stolen right out of his driveway in the middle of the night.

“It puts you in a weird state for days of shock that someone was that emboldened to just walk into your driveway and drive off with your vehicle,” said Weber.

Weber admits he did leave his car unlocked and a spare key in his car, but just last night he captured some more footage on his security camera.

Hazen Weber

“The fella from yesterday July 11 video you’re gonna see he has a rag or a shirt in his hand that he’s using to open the door handles so he doesn’t leave finger prints,” Weber said.

Ben Harris also lives in the neighborhood and came up with an idea.

“You can just pan around the map like this and if you have a break-in you can click this thing and add a marker and say car break in July 12 at 9:45 a.m.,” said Harris.

He’s hoping to show a trend in the crimes.

“I created this map on google where anybody in the neighborhood can just add a pin if they have a break in,” Harris said.

And another crime caught on camera just last week.

Sylvia French-Hodges car was broken into.


She says the thieves made off with a Bluetooth device and a cell phone. She says her car was locked.

“We’ve all been kind of asking each other, what’s next? We’ve had a couple of people break into homes,” said French-Hodges. “I think maybe that’s how a criminal’s minds will work, if they feel like they can get away with this, what else can they get away with?”

Neighbors say between their surveillance videos and the map, they believe the culprits will be caught.

“I think that’s what it takes,” said Broadlands resident Brian Fulcher. “If we all band together and show these thieves that we’re watching them, we’re gonna catch them.”

Neighbors say they have noticed a heavier police presence the past couple of weeks. They say they also plan to organize a neighborhood watch group.

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