Florida mom of 8 says deputies ‘justified’ in arresting her sons, ages 9 and 10

SPRING HILL, Fla. (WFLA) – A Tampa Bay area mother of eight is siding with the deputies who arrested her sons, ages nine and 10, over the weekend in Spring Hill.

The brothers are accused of threatening Hernando County deputies at the Dollar Tree on Wendy Court off Highway 19 on Saturday.

Their mom revealed that the boys have behavioral issues and mental challenges.

She did not want to reveal her identity in an effort to protect her sons.

“I think that the officers were justified for what they did,” she said.

One boy is accused of pointing a razor knife at deputies while inside the store before both were taken to jail.

Sheriff Al Nienhuis expressed disappointment after the arrest.

“To me, this is equally a slap in the face, equally disrespectful and it’s not going to be tolerated,” the mother said.

She says her sons were in trouble for spilling barbecue sauce and syrup on the floor, and had been gone for a few minutes before deputies called.

She said that the boys left the house through a window after being told to clean their room.

“One day these children will be big boys and these will be bigger problems or they’ll end up dead in the street somewhere,” she said. “That’s not a phone call I want to get.”

She says the boys apologized but she worries for their safety as they get older.

“I sacrifice day in and day out to provide for these kids.”

The mother of eight says she’s been raising her kids alone for the past two and a half years.

She says it has been difficult finding the right treatment for her sons, who have ongoing behavioral issues, but she isn’t giving up on any of her kids.

“These kids are more loved than some parents who only have one or two kids, so I don’t think that eight kids are too much because I love them all the same,” the mother said.

The boys are facing felony charges and home detention.

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