More development coming near ‘dangerous’ Knightdale intersection

(Photo: Charles Bullock)

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) – Car crashes, heavy traffic, and construction. People living in one Knightdale neighborhood say their area is all that and more thanks to a hot-spot intersection.

Now they’re worried a new development could make an already tricky situation much worse.

People who live in the neighborhoods nearby tell CBS North Carolina the entire stretch of Hodge Road going to Poole Road is a problem. Neighbors say during peak rush hours in the morning and evening it can take them 15 minutes just to turn onto Hodge Road.

A Knightdale resident gave us photos of a crash at the intersection of Hodge Road and Old Faison Road last week – more proof this intersection is a constant problem.

Keith Gibbs’ 16-year-old daughter just got her driver’s license and he’s worried about her driving on Hodge Road.


“I’ve been trying to avoid having her drive herself and I know a lot of neighbors along this corridor feel the same,” said Gibbs.

Residents living in the nearby Cheswick neighborhood blame the town. Knightdale has approved a master plan for one development near homes and are in the works of looking at another, which will bring hundreds more homes into their community off Hodge Road.

“I wanna pull my hair out,” said Knightdale resident Skye Creech. “It’s traffic always. Stop light, light, light and people can’t go through.”

We wanted to know what solution the town plans to use to solve the problem at Highway 495 and Hodge Road.

At first, CBS North Carolina got a statement from Jonas Silver – Knightdale’s public information officer.

It reads in part – “…Town Staff and Council are doing what is in their power with NCDOT and developers to increase the safety of our residents when traveling these state-maintained roads.”

CBS North Carolina wanted something more concrete, so we took the question to town hall and Silver.

CBS North Carolina’s Kelly Kennedy asked Silver, “If there are already traffic problems why would the town approve more homes?”

Silver said, “I can’t answer that question.”

Officials with NCDOT say with how quickly Wake County is growing, this is a common problem

“The problem is we can’t just widen a road, hear about it and widen it next year,” said Steve Abbott with NCDOT. “We have our own process for improvements and that takes longer than just building a development.”

Residents in the Cheswick neighborhood say they’d like to see a traffic light at Panther Rock Boulevard and Hodge Road.

They also believe the road needs to be widened, something DOT says is probably years down the road.

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