Wake Tech tailoring programs for Triangle’s biggest tech companies

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – As more companies choose to grow in the Triangle, they’re looking to local colleges and programs to help fill out their workforce.

Wake Technical Community College has nine campuses in the area and one under construction, with up and coming tech positions in mind.

Wake Tech’s newest campus is close to RTP for a reason.

It will have programs specifically created for some of the biggest tech companies in the Triangle.

“We’re going to help Infosys get those 2,000 employees. We’re going to help you grow that workforce that you need,” said Stephen Scott, Wake Tech’s president.


At last week’s big job announcement, Scott talked about meeting with Infosys leaders in March to discuss creating education programs just for them.

“Enormous amounts of technology developed into the building with room for expanse in the future,” said Josh Logan with Clancy and Theys Construction. Logan is the site assistant superintendent for the RTP campus.

This first building of the new project costs nearly $44 million and is being paid for by a Wake county bond passed in 2012. It will eventually serve 7,000 students out of the 70,000 enrolled in the school.

“I like the two year experience because you get more of a hands-on personally. And I get to do this out here so it’s pretty fun to be on a site with the school,” said Zach Dixon, a construction management student at Wake Tech.

Dixon came straight from high school to study at Wake Tech.

He’s interning at the RTP construction site this summer.

“Ride by here in 20 years and know that I was part of the whole campus when it’s done. And know that I was the first student to kind of learn out here,” said Dixon of his internship.

Dixon’s summer boss also took classes at Wake Tech, well into his career in construction.

“Moving into commercial, I decided before I jumped head-in to go ahead and take some classes to freshen up my skill sets to make sure I was sharp,” said Logan.

Logan says Wake Tech’s affordability and flexibility won him over and set him ahead.

By sculpting programs to respond to area companies’ needs, the school is putting out workers that can jump right into open jobs.

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