NC’s new island reopens; device was WWII training ordnance

The device found on Shelly Island. (Dare County)

BUXTON, N.C. (WAVY/WNCN/AP) — Emergency officials evacuated Shelly Island after possible unexploded Navy ordnance was discovered there Friday morning.

An ordnance disposal unit later removed what was identified as a World War II-era training device from the state’s newest island.

Hatteras Island Rescue Squad confirmed that the emergency call came in at 8:15 a.m.

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The National Park Service, Dare County Emergency Management, the U.S. Coast Guard responded to the scene. Officials called in the U.S. Navy explosive ordnance team from Little Creek, Virginia, and are expected to arrive Friday afternoon.

Shelly Island, which recently was born just off Cape Point along Hatteras Island in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

The mile-long swath of sand was created by swirling currents and is essentially a giant sandbar. The island is about a mile long and no more than a few hundreds of yards wide.

It’s been a hit with the public imagination, but the strong currents that formed the island have also proven dangerous, and a number of people have had to be rescued after their attempts to cross the channel dividing the new island from the main island went wrong.


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