Residents worry traffic from development will ruin Wake Forest neighborhood

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — Dozens of new townhomes could be on the way to Wake Forest, but some residents think the proposed development along North Main Street might be a bad idea for drivers.

“Consider everyone, not just a few, but consider every resident in the town of Wake Forest,” said Wake Forest resident J.A. Moore.

Focus Design Builders has plans to build 40 town homes on 4.5 acres of land on North Main Street. Residents worry the single exit for cars onto North Main Street will cause a mess on the roads.


“Residents can’t see over hump,” said Wake Forest resident Julie Ellis. “Right after Barnford Mill there’s a dip in the road that creates a blind spot for a lot of drivers, so we’re very worried about accidents.”

CBS North Carolina’s Kelly Kennedy asked town officials what they plan to do about the traffic issues.

“I do understand there’s a lot of growing pains right now,” said Brendie Vega, Assistant Director of Community Development for Wake Forest. “We review traffic with each new development, so traffic is a concern of ours as well. New population estimates have shown that Wake Forest has grown 33 percent in the last six years so the road infrastructure takes a little time to catch up to it.”

The town will review the developer’s rezoning proposal and vote on it in the coming months. Vega says the town is looking at roadway projects to increase capacity. Julie Ellis lives a stone’s throw away from where the townhomes would be built. Her property is also home to her horses.

“When you have horses and ride them you need an area that’s pretty quiet,” said Ellis. “Horses can be dangerous if they’re around a lot of noise and a lot of traffic and we worry if that the equestrian property that we built may not even be usable.”

Others say it just doesn’t fit in their neighborhood.

“Take a step back look at the surrounding neighborhoods where they want to put in the developments,” said Wake Forest resident Fred Stevenson. “It would be just like somebody coming in buying that and putting half a dozen houses in the historic district.”

CBS North Carolina also reached out to Focus Design Builders to learn more about their plan, but haven’t heard back. For residents who want to voice their opinions, town officials say the best way is to attend the public hearing. They haven’t set a date for that yet, but it will be advertised on the town’s website and Wake Weekly at least 10 days before.

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