Construction on NC highway confuses lane markings for drivers

WFMY photo

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY) – Lane lines on NC Highway 68 to Old Bryan Boulevard are confusing some drivers.

news-app-download-apple-350x50news-app-download-android-350x50 There are two sets of lines: old lines and temporary lines, because of ongoing construction and a shift in the traffic pattern.

A WFMY Facebook fan brought the issue to our attention and reporter Kandance Redd took the concern to NCDOT.

La Titia McNair says she takes extra precaution on the road.

“They will go straight and then there will be no lines at all. Then, there will be like a little dash and then there will be nothing. So, it’s hard to tell where you’re supposed to be,” said La Titia McNair. “If you know the roads are bad you just have to be cautious and see where you are going.”

Another Facebook fan said:

“The ‘lane lines’ are unclear going southbound at the 68-Pleasant Ridge intersection. So bad that I ALWAYS take Hwy 220 now instead of 68 (coming from Rockingham County even though it’s out of the way for where I’m going specifically),” wrote Ashley Cakes Nicole on Facebook.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is blaming the mixed lane lines on a revamping project.

Crews are widening the lanes on NC Highway 68. The work involves shifting traffic, removing old lane lines, and creating temporary markings.

The NCDOT admits the construction work may be confusing to some drivers.

“Once those temporary markings have to be revised, they grind up the old markings. So, you can see the grind marks on the pavements,” said Patty Eason, Division Construction Engineer.

Some drivers are now on high alert to avoid crashing.

“You have to drive really defensively to make sure they’re not going to hit you, somebody’s not going to cut in your lane, somebody’s not going to stop dead in front of you because they’re turning the wrong direction,” said Renee Ensminger. “You have to be really on the alert. It’s not very safe.”

The NCDOT is encouraging drivers to always practice safe driving on the road.

“Just observe what you normally expect to see on pavement markings, which are white lines, pavement, yellow lines. Just follow those and you should be fine,” said Eason.

NCDOT says drivers should contact the department directly to report concerns or problems on state roads at 1-877-DOT-4YOU or via social media @NCDOT_Triad

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