Carrboro gas station upgrades pumps after ‘skimmers’ found

A WFLA file photo of a skimmer inside a gas pump.

CARRBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — While credit card skimming devices are not new, they are getting harder to spot.

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Thieves attach them to ATMs, gas pumps, just about any place people swipe their cards, but technology has made them tougher to find.


Police found skimmers at a gas station in Carrboro multiple times over the past few months, but now the gas station is taking steps to prevent it.

Shana Harper comes to the Circle K on NC Highway 54 in Carrboro every day to get her morning coffee and pump gas.

“I was telling people don’t use their cards here – use cash,” said Harper.

Three times since March police have found credit card skimmers at the pumps.

“It’s sad because I work hard for my money every day,” Harper said. “I’m a single mom and for somebody to take the little bit of money I do get from my job is bad.”

Spotting a skimmer is definitely not as simple as swiping your card. In this case, police said the skimmers were actually inside the gas pumps.

“The bank told me that my card was skimmed on the machines at Circle K and they had to switch out my card,” said Harper. “So, which they did, in enough time that no funds were out my account. So, that was great.”

Now the Carrboro gas station has upgraded every pump to prevent customer’s financial information from being stolen. Police say the pumps have better security that prevents skimmers from being installed.

“The good thing is that they changed the machines, so, that’s the best thing,” said Harper. “They’re on top of it.”

Harper says despite the fraud scare, she doesn’t plan on changing up her routine or switching to cash.

“I’m still gonna come here,” she said.

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