Durham Public Schools to now have school resource officers at all middle schools

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Durham Public Schools signed an agreement Monday with the Durham Police Department to add school resource officers to every middle school that didn’t have them.

Five middle schools will be getting school resource officers for the upcoming school year: Brogden, Rogers-Herr, Shepard, Lakewood and Durham School of the Arts.

“That’s a great thing,” said Sarah Fuller. “They should have resource people in there to help with these kids.”


Fuller has a grandson who goes to Rogers-Herr.

“It’ll be a lot more safer for the parents and the kids,” she said.

Those five middle schools were the only ones in the district without full school resource officers.

In an email, the spokesperson for DPS stated, “These schools had an officer assigned by DPD to teach the GREAT curriculum (Gang Resistance Education and Training) and support the school. These same officers will now become full SROs with the same training and responsibilities as SROs provided by the Office of the Sheriff.”

It made Fuller wonder why those five schools were initially left out.

“You wonder, but then you have to look at the police department to see if they have enough to go around,” she said.

According to DPS, prior to this agreement, the sheriff’s office provided all high schools in the county and middle schools outside the city limits with school resource officers.

Now, the police department will provide security and services to those five middle schools inside the city limits.

The district did not explain the delay for those middle schools.

With the new agreement between Durham schools and police, now, every high school and middle school in the district will have a school resource officer.

Durham City Council did not have a chance to discuss the agreement before it was signed.

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