Alfred Angelo bankruptcy lawyer receives 7,100 emails from panicked brides


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The bankruptcy attorney handling the Alfred Angelo bridal business shutdown tells 8 On Your Side she has 7,100 emails on her iPhone from anxious brides.

There is also the challenge of 5,400 bridal dresses, tiaras and other special-ordered wedding items stuck in bankruptcy limbo at a seaport in California. And that doesn’t even include countless more dresses caught up in the pipeline of seamstresses, shippers and closed stores.

EARLIER: Brides panic as Alfred Angelo closes stores, files for bankruptcy

Right now, hundreds of brides are praying for a delivery from FedEx following the shipping of hundreds of dresses late last week. Miami bankruptcy attorney Patricia Redmond insists she’s working as hard as she can to prioritize bridal needs based on the dates of their weddings and get as many dresses into the hands of anxious brides as soon as possible. Last week, dozens of women rushed to pick up their dresses at Alfred Angelo’s Tampa store before the doors closed at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Alfred Angelo, based in Delray Beach, became a nationwide story last week when it suddenly declared Chapter 7 Bankruptcy — which means a total asset liquidation for the 80-year-old bridal chain, and the shutdown 61 retail stores across the America, including one in Tampa.

Not surprisingly, that news sent panic rushing through thousands of bridal parties that are planning weddings in upcoming days, weeks and months. The details of Alfred Angelo’s downfall and debts are spelled out in a 1,044-page bankruptcy document filed Friday, more than 1,000 of the pages list creditors.

The true measure of the loss might just as easily be measured in tears of brides and bridesmaids across America who are without wedding dresses to wear for their upcoming weddings.

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