Fayetteville Regional Airport gets nearly $2M grant for terminal expansion

The Fayetteville Airport will be getting an expansion thanks to a nearly $2 million grant (Lauren Haviland/CBS North Carolina)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — As many as 500,000 people use Fayetteville Regional Airport each year to get to their destination.

“We try to fly local to support Fayetteville,” said Elaine Amos, of Fayetteville.

But for the Amos’, who are frequent flyers, they agree- ‘Concourse A’ needs an upgrade.

“It’s dull. It’s gray. It’s tough to get around,” David Amos said.


With the help of a nearly $2 million grant, that concourse will be demolished and rebuilt.

The U.S. Department of Transportation previously provided a $10 million grant to launch the airport upgrade project. This latest grant will be used for phase two of a four-part project to build a 22,000 square foot terminal expansion to modernize the nearly 50-year-old airport facility.

“It’ll have two jet bridges to service aircraft,” said Fayetteville Regional Airport director Bradley Whited told CBS North Carolina. “It will have one gate that is ground-loading gate that will service two parking positions on the east of the building. In addition to that we will be replacing the restaurant.”

Airport officials said it would be difficult and expensive to do these sort of renovations without grants.

“Vital assistance for us to be able to modernize the facility which is over 47 years old,” Whited said.

“I think making some improvements to the airport will be a very big help to everyone,” David Amos added.

Officials will start taking bids Tuesday at 5 p.m. Demolition could begin as soon as September, with a completion date of January 2019.

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