NC among test markets for Chick-fil-A ‘family style’ dining

This photo provided by Chick-fil-A showcases new family style dining featuring two new sides: mac & cheese and bacon baked beans. (Photo: Chick-fil-A via KXAN)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KXAN) — Hungry customers in a North Carolina city will be among the first in the nation to try out Chick-fil-A’s new family style dining options and taste new side dishes.

Family style meals offer an entrée, two sides and eight mini rolls. Baked beans and macaroni and cheese are among the side items.


The main dish ranges from Chick-n-Strips, Original Chick-fil-A chicken breasts, Chick-fil-A Nuggets (30-count) and grilled chicken breasts. Sides also include fruit cup, salad and the “superfood” side.

The meals, which feed four, cost about $29 and also include plates and utensils as a take-out option.

Greensboro, North Carolina is among the three test U.S. markets for the new meals.

“Our customers told us that they wanted an even more convenient way to share meals at home or on the go, so we worked directly with a group of parents to design every part of family style meals – down to the cutlery caddy that features five unique conversation starter questions to help customers connect over mealtime,” said Matt Abercrombie, manager of menu development at Chick-fil-A. “Mealtime should be an enjoyable experience that brings family and friends together, not an extra stress in the day.”’

“Mealtime should be an enjoyable experience that brings family and friends together, not an extra stress in the day,” he added.

An announcement from Chick-fil-A  describes the new meals:

“The bacon baked beans are kettle-cooked with bacon and brown sugar for a sweet and savory taste. The mac & cheese side is a classic macaroni and cheese recipe featuring a special blend of cheeses including cheddar, parmesan and romano.”

The San Antonio, Texas and Phoenix are also test markets. If the additions are well received, the program could be rolled out nationwide.

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