Some North Hills residents show concern over area’s robust planned development

(Beau Minnick/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – More development is on the way to the area around North Hills in Raleigh.

In the next year, developers will start to build off Saint Albans Drive, eventually featuring a hotel, office space, along with restaurant and retail space.

Homeowners who live in the area near Saint Albans Drive and Hardimont Road said they are concerned about the impact that development, plus a planned expansion of North Hills Park District, will have on traffic.

“They want to turn this area which has been kind of like Mayberry into Manhattan and I don’t want Manhattan right across the street from my house,” said homeowner Ed Timberlake.


Timberlake has lived for 20 years at his home not far from Saint Albans Drive. Diane Young is his neighbor.

“We knew when we bought these houses there would be some traffic here, but nothing like this,” she said.

The homeowners said the close proximity to North Hills led to the increase in traffic over the years. They also know the area across from them on Saint Albans Drive, now mostly trees, soon will be developed, as well.

DeWitt Carolinas will develop 40 acres that is planned to include a hotel, office, retail and restaurant space.

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In addition to their development, North Hills is planning to extend its Park District.

“It’s a successful development (North Hills) and if we can just add to it and maybe add a twist that brings our flavors as a developer to it, that would be our objective,” said Todd Saieed, DeWitt Carolinas CEO.

We asked Saieed about the concerns homeowners have about traffic.

“We’re going to do the best we can to address them and pay attention to them,” he said. “I think one of the things we did is in our rezoning, we did not ask for any use or density that increased traffic.”

For the homeowners, they want to see things slow down.

“We’re for progress, but does it have to be all at one time right here,” asked Young.

Saieed said he grew up in this area. He said he is listening to the homeowners and also said property values are increasing.

The City did put in some stop signs in the area around St. Albans and Hardimont.

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