Wake County School Board to discuss major budget shortfall at meeting Tuesday

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — The Wake County School Board will discuss how it’s going to handle a big budget shortfall at a meeting tonight.

The shortfall comes after the school board didn’t get all the money they requested from the county, so now they must decide what they can and can’t do this coming year.

School administrators asked Wake County for a $45 million increase, but only got $21 million. They found out they would only be getting $21 million back on June 19.


Since then, they’ve been discussing how to allot the money that they do have this year.

Board members said it’s a struggle to keep up with the strategic plans they’ve put in place when they don’t get enough time to fund it.

“We are not creating a budget out of thin air. They are based on the priorities that our students need,” said School board chairwoman Monika Johnson-Hostler.

In recent months, several high-profile incidents involving race relations have prompted administrators to take new steps in addressing broader issues of equity in the school system.

Next year’s budget included funding for an expansion of the Office of Equity Affairs. With the funding gap, it’s unclear if those changes will still occur.

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