Fayetteville leaders work to make city more pedestrian friendly

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A 28-year-old man remains in the hospital Friday evening after being struck by a car along a Fayetteville road early Friday morning.

He’s just one pedestrian among many sharing a similar story across the city.

It is a reminder to city officials that there is more work to be done to keep pedestrians safe.

No matter what time of the day or type of road, Fayetteville city officials say pedestrians are at risk.


“Historically based on size, we’ve had a little higher rate of pedestrian accidents than other cities,” said Lee Jernigan, traffic engineer for Fayetteville.

People who walk along the streets in Fayetteville say some areas are safer than others.

“I think the downtown area is very pedestrian friendly, we have a lot of sidewalks. But Fayetteville as a whole is probably not. There are a lot of busy roads with no pedestrian walkways,” said resident Heather Savoi.

In April, the City joined the North Carolina Department of Transportation in making a Pedestrian Master Plan.

They created a website for people to report problem areas.

They will take that information and come up with ways to make walking safer across Fayetteville.

“Those things could include sidewalks, revisions to wheelchair ramps, pedestrian traffic signals, additional trail systems as a whole,” said Jernigan.

Jernigan says it’s not all about engineering, but enforcement and education, too.

“People should wait until they push the button and the can walk across the crosswalk. I think sometimes people just try to jaywalk really quickly because they want to get across the street,” said resident Joshua Choi.

Jernigan says they will brief the city council on their progress at a work session in September. He hopes to have the full and final version of the plan before city council in December.

The website to report problem areas will be open for comments for the next month or longer.

On August 3, the City will hold a public input session at the College Lakes Rec Center.

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