Couple busted after nearly 100 lbs of pot found in Sanford home, police say

SANFORD, N.C. (WNCN) — Two people were arrested after Sanford police found nearly 100 pounds of marijuana, counterfeit Nike and Gucci goods and a “large amount of cash” in a home last week, officials said.


The bust took place Wednesday at 509 Summit Drive in Sanford after police said they received tips that people there were “unloading large numbers of boxes over the course of several months,” Sanford police said in a news release.

During an investigation leading up to the bust into possible drug activity, another agency was probing about counterfeit merchandise.

Authorities then tracked a shipment of merchandise at the home to “further the investigations,” police said.

After getting a search warrant, police went inside and found 96 pounds of marijuana in numerous stages of packaging and repackaging, ranging from 20-pound bails to ounce size bags, authorities said.

Counterfeit merchandise ranging from Nike shoes to Gucci apparel, handbags and sunglasses was also seized, officials said.


“Counterfeit merchandise such as this is typically sold at flea markets and online as the genuine articles at below market prices,” police said.

Gregory Alexander Johnson, 44, and Stephanie Lakia Evans, 40, were both charged with level II trafficking in marijuana by possession, felony possession of marijuana, and maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance.

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