11-foot python captured at Chatham County storage facility

STALEY, N.C. (WNCN) – Two Chatham County animal control officers captured a Burmese python that was on the loose in a storage facility.


On Saturday, Officer Kelly Rouse received the call about a snake that was on the loose in the storage facility on Highway 421.

Rouse said he expected to be searching for a two- to three-foot snake until he saw a photograph of the python. He contacted Officer Kelsey Pepper who then came to assist in the search.

“I called Officer Pepper to let her know we had a large snake,” Rouse said. “She gave me some assistance. We were able to confine the snake.”

Pepper, who was off that day, worked to not only capture the more than 11-foot albino Burmese python, but to also find a rescue organization for it.

“Thankfully she was very docile. It seems like she’s been handled a lot,” Pepper said.

The officers were able to capture the python when Pepper picked the python up just behind its head.

The 75-pound snake was then put into a tote with air holes poked in the top for transport.

Rouse said the python likely eats animals the size of rabbits or small dogs, but that the pythons cannot survive North Carolina winters.

The python was transported to CCSB Reptile Rescue and Rehab in Kernersville where it will be cared for.


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